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Discover the benefits of Montmorency cherriesWhy CherryActive?

At CherryActive, we make very high quality Montmorency cherry products. That’s all we do, and our customers tell us we do it rather well!

CherryActive employs a number of special techniques
during the stages of making CherryActive products
to ensure they are high in quality,.

Here are a few reasons why CherryActive is a clear leader of Montmorency Cherry products:

* Montmorency Cherry Specialists – CherryActive works
exclusively with a team of passionate, dedicated and highly-regarded
specialist Montmorency Cherry farmers to ensure our cherries are the best around.
Our team use their decades of experience to ensure maximum quality
of the cherries that are used in CherryActive products.

* Selected Growing Areas – Using specialist knowledge, the land is selected to grow CherryActive cherry trees. The landis selected for its naturally-rich nutrient levels; semi-sandy soil on high ground for good drainagewith a moderate climate (to help prevent frost damage).

* Tree Maintenance – Each winter, every CherryActive tree is carefully hand-pruned. Although this is a very time-consuming task, this initiative helps to optimise the quality of the cherries on our trees. The trees are regularly inspected to ensure they grow strong with a good, healthy yield year on year.

* Integrated Pest Management – The CherryActive cherry crop is produced in an ethically-sound and environmentally-responsible way to produce a safe and abundant harvest, whilst protecting and preserving the natural environment. Integrated Pest Management techniques are used whereby the trees, leaves and crops are checked regularly for signs of pests and disease. In this way, only small areas of trees have to be sprayed to control an outbreak, which dramatically reduces the amount of spray that would normally be used. Where non-organic sprays are deemed necessary, these are kept to a bare minimum and selected for their environmentally-friendly credentials.

* Harnessing Nature – CherryActive cherry trees are grown using only natural fertilisers. We also leave the land nearby the trees in a wild state. This helps conserve natural populations of beneficial spiders, bugs and mites that keep damaging insects at bay!

* Harvest Time – Using specialist knowledge, CherryActive cherries are left a little longer on the trees to help optimise the nutrients in the fruit. The cherries go through a selection process to ensure the high quality go into our products.

* Freeze-Drying Process – By avoiding harsh heat treatments and preservatives, we keep the antioxidant levels of our CherryActive products at a high level.

Did you know?…..

Cherryactive juice concentrate and capsules

CherryActive Concentrate:

Over 3,000 Montmorency cherries (half a tree's worth!) are packed into single 946ml bottle (1 month supply). No added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings!

CherryActive Capsules:

Each 60-capsules contains a one to two month supply and each capsule contains around 100 Montmoreny cherries - freeze dried to retain their antioxidant qualitities!