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Fitness and Combat Sport

Cherryactive products help to speed up muscle recovery

Paul Todd, 
Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder

“Healthy, natural muscle growth can be optimised with a well-designed training programme and a rapid-recovery plan. CherryActive has a well-earned place as one of my top supplements.”

Cherryactive products help to speed up muscle recovery

Sergeant Sam Sheriff,
Royal Marine 45 Commando

“CherryActive products helped me immensely throughout the course of this challenge (3000m rope climbing world record). The products helped me recover faster with less muscle soreness, allowing me to train at a higher intensity consistently. I wouldn’t have been able to perform at this level without CherryActive.”

Cherryactive products help to speed up muscle recovery

John Gill, 
Motivational Speaker and 11 Times World Self Defence Champion

“Since taking CherryActive I have been sleeping better and feeling energetic throughout the day. I highly recommend CherryActive.”


Did you know?…..

Cherryactive juice concentrate and capsules

CherryActive Concentrate:

Over 3,000 Montmorency cherries (half a tree's worth!) are packed into single 946ml bottle (1 month supply). No added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings!

CherryActive Capsules:

Each 60-capsules contains a one to two month supply and each capsule contains around 100 Montmoreny cherries - freeze dried to retain their antioxidant qualitities!