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Matthew Boyd
AFL player for the Western Bulldogs
“Being able to train hard is one thing.  But putting the best fuel in your body so you can train with intensity and recover efficiently is the key.  CherryActive and BeetActive are the ultimate natural supplements that allow me to get the most out of my body daily and allow me to perform in one of the most demanding sports on the planet”


cherryactive products speed up muscle recovery
Clinton Schifcofske
Retired NRL & Super 15 player now Sports Manager
“Myself and my family take CherryActive. Since taking CherryActive, I’ve noticed my quality of sleep has greatened and physically my body seems to recover quicker after training to stay fit post retirement.
Plus my kids love the taste which is a bonus! Highly recommend it!!”

Cherryactive helps speed up muscle recovery m
Huw Davies
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, London Wasps
“CherryActive provided crucial support to our athletes during the pre-season overload period. By enhancing recovery rates and immune function we believe these products helped our athletes to make further strength and power gains. The Concentrate, Capsules and Cherries are now an integral part of our training regime.”

Did you know?…..

Cherryactive juice concentrate and capsules

CherryActive Concentrate:

Over 3,000 Montmorency cherries (half a tree's worth!) are packed into single 946ml bottle (1 month supply). No added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings!

CherryActive Capsules:

Each 60-capsules contains a one to two month supply and each capsule contains around 100 Montmoreny cherries - freeze dried to retain their antioxidant qualitities!