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Cherryactive products help to speed up muscle recovery

Graham Gristwood
GB Orienteering Champion

“Training twice a day, everyday, is hard on the body and immune system. Therefore it is important to recover quickly and stay healthy. CherryActive provides a range of powerful antioxidants to help an athlete achieve these goals.”


Steve Vernon
International Cross Country Runner

“As a distance runner my training includes logging up to 100 miles per week. CherryActive Concentrate is now a vital part of my nutritional strategy to make sure I get the most out of those 100 miles!”


Mark Allison (AKA Run Geordie Run)
Ultra Distance Runner

“CherryActive made a monumental difference to the run* It’s a fantastic recovery product and using it on a daily basis in the USA meant that the aches and pains in my legs were kept to an absolute minimum.”

*(Mark’s epic 3,100 mile run across the USA in 100 days!!)


Did you know?…..

Cherryactive juice concentrate and capsules

CherryActive Concentrate:

Over 3,000 Montmorency cherries (half a tree's worth!) are packed into single 946ml bottle (1 month supply). No added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings!

CherryActive Capsules:

Each 60-capsules contains a one to two month supply and each capsule contains around 100 Montmoreny cherries - freeze dried to retain their antioxidant qualitities!